Bonuses included with All-Access Pass

Updated May 8, 2022

Bonuses included with purchase of the BDTB-6 All-Access Pass are provided by IAA and the speakers. Those who purchase the All-Access Pass will receive their bonuses after the conclusion of the conference. Bonus details will be listed here as they are announced between now and the conference.

From Sonja Francis: Recording of her recent webinar “React vs. Respond — Where in the Chart Can We Learn About Our Emotional Maturity?” Link to the recording will be provided.

Description: In this webinar we will take a look at our own birth charts to see how we can support ourselves and others on the path towards becoming an emotionally healthy, responding beings. The webinar also includes a hand-out for all Moon placements with coaching questions.

From Laura Nalbandian: Special discount of 40% off the normal price of her lecture recordings. Link to a special discount form will be provided.

From Marc Laurenson: Recording of his webinar “Neptune Square Neptune: The Bridge to Awareness.” Link to the recording will be provided.

From Clarissa Dolphin: A “Luminaries and Lunar Nodes Cheat Sheet,” plus a 25% discount off the price of her classes.

Description: The “Luminaries and Lunar Nodes Cheat Sheet” is a handy guide to tracking and interpreting the Subatomic Signatures of The Sun, Moon and Lunar Nodes in your birth chart.

From May Sim: “Psychological Effects of Planetary Retrogrades” (PDF).