Bonuses included with All-Access Pass

Updated May 8, 2022

Bonuses included with purchase of the BDTB-6 All-Access Pass are provided by IAA and the speakers. Those who purchase the All-Access Pass will receive their bonuses after the conclusion of the conference. Bonus details will be listed here as they are announced between now and the conference.

From the IAA: One free month of our AstrologyFlix video service.

Description: IAA will provide one month’s free access to our AstrologyFlix video streaming service. If you are already an AstrologyFlix subscriber, one month will be added onto your subscription. If you are not already a subscriber, you will receive a month free.

From T. Susan Chang: Discount code (15% off) for her custom astrological perfumes. Valid from Dec. 2-16.

From Sonja Francis: Recording of her recent webinar “React vs. Respond — Where in the Chart Can We Learn About Our Emotional Maturity?” Link to the recording will be provided.

Description: In this webinar we will take a look at our own birth charts to see how we can support ourselves and others on the path towards becoming an emotionally healthy, responding beings. The webinar also includes a hand-out for all Moon placements with coaching questions.

From Laura Nalbandian: Special discount of 40% off the normal price of her lecture recordings. Link to a special discount form will be provided.

From Marc Laurenson: Recording of his webinar “Neptune Square Neptune: The Bridge to Awareness.” Link to the recording will be provided.

From Clarissa Dolphin: A “Luminaries and Lunar Nodes Cheat Sheet,” plus a 25% discount off the price of her classes.

Description: The “Luminaries and Lunar Nodes Cheat Sheet” is a handy guide to tracking and interpreting the Subatomic Signatures of The Sun, Moon and Lunar Nodes in your birth chart.

From May Sim: “Psychological Effects of Planetary Retrogrades” (PDF).

From Elena Lumen: Discount code for 40% off the regular price of a horary reading from Elena.