Marc Laurenson: Healing Your 8th House

Marc Laurenson

Marc Laurenson is a consulting astrologer, teacher and speaker with 25 years experience.

He is an Accredited Astrology Teacher with the Federation of Australian Astrologers as well as achieving their Diploma in Astrology.

Marc is the creator and key facilitator of Sydney Astrology School in Australia which has been running successfully since 2007, going online to international students in 2017. Marc runs his own consulting business, Marc Laurenson Astrology, guiding clients to live more fulfilling lives.

Marc has an evolutionary approach to astrology, using astrology as a tool for personal and spiritual development.

Marc has shared his knowledge on the talk and lecture circuit throughout Australia and New Zealand, including the 2020 FAA Conference, AANSW, SARS, QFA and AFNZ. He has written for many publications including Wellbeing Astrology Magazine, SuperLiving, Sage, FAA Journal and Use Nature.

Marc has also been featured on the Channel 10 News with Astro Updates.

Healing Your 8th House

The 8th house is classically the terrain of “other people‚Äôs money,” yet we seem to have overlooked how it works on a more personal level.

Deeply complex, the 8th house can take us into areas of our psyche untapped by the “ego.” Here we can experience much of our pain, fear and insecurity. In this lecture we look deeply into this profound area of our chart, uncovering its blocks and opening us to a more powerful and secure sense of self.