John Chinworth: Planetary Pairs to the Stars

John Chinworth

Growing up in Southern Arizona, John Chinworth was so obsessed with mythology, the Greco-Roman pantheon was branded onto his psyche.

His experience of teaching and mentoring developmentally disabled and resource students for many years, seasoned John with exceptional reconciling energy.

He started by reading, then honed skills by studying with accomplished astrologers. John has more than two decades of experience and continues to enhance consulting techniques by attending workshops and conferences.  

John has lectured at NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference), SFAS (San Francisco Astrology Society), and has served on the board of WSAA (Washington State Astrological Association).  He received his Diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2021.

John relaxes by penning poems and going on road trips.

Planetary Pairs to the Stars

Since the discoveries of Uranus and Neptune, astrology has grown in pairs of planets, echoing the classical planets. We’ll take a closer look at each pair of planets and how they bring order to astrological systems.