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Navigating the U.S. Pluto Return in Your Personal Birthchart, with Jodie Forrest

Reams of astrological writing have been produced about the first return of the U.S. Sibley chart’s second house Pluto in the 28th degree of Capricorn, and that return is partile three times in 2022. Issues around the return have been building since Pluto’s Capricorn ingress in 2008, which accompanied the economic crisis of that year. After Saturn’s Capricorn ingress in late 2018, those issues have become more apparent and have accelerated. A nation’s Pluto return is predominantly an outer-planet event, and many of its analyses focus on what that event might portend for the U.S. as a nation. What about the return’s possible impact on individual citizens of that nation, or on people in close relationships with Americans?

Join Jodie as she discusses not only the return in general, but also how it may affect you personally according to the condition and placement of your natal Pluto, and specific coping strategies tailored to those conditions and placements.