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Universe in Dragon Embrace: Indian Techniques for Western Astrologers, with Karine Dilanyan

This lecture is provided in both English and Russian.

Эта лекция проводится на английском и русском языках.

The theme of lunar nodes is one of the most confused and fogged in mass myths of Western astrology. In the course of this lecture, we will examine the mythology, astronomy, and history of the lunar nodes, from the times of Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, representations recorded in Gnostic sources, to the era of the Middle Ages and the astrology of the 17th century, as well as astrological symbolism and related techniques.

We will also talk about the nodes and their presentation in Indian astrology. We will consider the Indian technique of Kaal Sarp yoga, in relation to Western astrology. This material is based on Karine’s decades of observation, study and research.