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Luke Bayley

Luke Bayley: You Don’t Really Believe in That Stuff, Do You?

Many years of research into how and why astrology works culminates in this lecture. Here we delve into various topics and show astrology working from a scientific and mathematical level, along with evidence that science has still not quite grasped yet.

Luke presents a theory on how astrology works, along with evidence that the planets do have a physical effect on our beings, both at a soul/energy level and affect our physical being and the outcome of events as well.

If you have ever wanted a better understanding of the mechanics behind astrology, how the planets truly affect us, fate versus free will and how we connect to the universe, then this is the topic for you.


Nov 06 2020


U.S. Eastern
10:30 pm - 12:00 am

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 06 - 07 2020
  • Time: 10:30 pm - 12:00 am


  • Luke Bayley
    Luke Bayley

    Originally a self-taught astrologer from age 16, instead of following traditional educational paths such as University, I chose to study astrology. I eventually completed formal studies at the Chiron School of Astrology in the late 1980s and completed my Practioners Certificate with the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 1991, becoming a member of the APA (Australian Professional Astrologers Association) at the time. As a consulting and columnist astrologer for magazines such as Smash Hits, Star, and Looks from 1988-96 and teaching first-year astrology students at the Chiron School of Astrology and at Inner Harmony in Cronulla, I was a regular speaker at SARS in Sydney for many years and spoke at the FAA Conference in Sydney in 1994 on Harmonics. I was also on the NSW Committee for the FAA for a short period in the early ’90s.

    My principal focus in astrology has been around the “how” and “why” it works, the evidence, proof, and how this knowledge can be used every day to enrich and make for a better life.

    Having a highly-developed psychic and spiritual side, along with strong mathematical abilities since very early in my life, I also became an accomplished Tarot consultant and teacher at the Chiron School of Astrology in the early 1990s. With over 35 years’ experience in both subjects, I am now dedicating time to further research and to writing in the coming years.

    Since 1997, I focused my time primarily on raising children and earning a living in the corporate world. Never losing sight of astrology, I continued to study and research it, just taking a step back from practising, teaching, and consulting, whereby recently I have made my return to astrology and tarot which is at the heart of what I do.