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Jason Holley

Jason Holley: The Place of Deepest Night: Re-Imagining the 4th House

Known to the ancients as the “subterranean place,” the 4th house takes us into the deepest domains of the psyche. Midnight’s domain, it can be imagined as a rich depository underground, a cave. On either side of this subterranean place lie the place of the Goddess in the 3rd House and the place of Good Fortune in the 5th — houses in which the Moon and Venus, the only feminine archetypes in the ancient planetary pantheon, were said to rejoice. Caves were the site of many rites and mythological figures in the Greco-Roman world – relating to mysteries, deaths, initiations, ancestors, and memory itself – and these stories and practices offer a rich imaginal tapestry for imagining the psychogeography of this sacred space.

In this talk, we consider ancient stories of cave figures and events including Hades, Chiron, and the Orphic mysteries; as well as stories from long-term psychotherapy in the modern world.



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Jason Holley: The Place of Deepest Night: Re-Imagining the 4th House
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Nov 07 2020


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4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 07 2020
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  • Jason Holley
    Jason Holley

    Jason Holley is an astrologer and psychotherapist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His orientation is interpersonal and archetypal – focusing on embodiment of soul, and ensouling of body. He has practiced astrology for just under 30 years and has taught on psychotherapy, astrology, and myth at UAC, NORWAC, the School of Evolutionary Astrology, FAA (Australia), the London School of Astrology, as well as online for Astrology University, MISPA, and Kepler College. Jason also teaches a graduate-level continuing education program for therapists drawing on the astrological tradition in their work, using experiential methods such as psychodrama and art-making.


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