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World mapBreaking Down the Borders Co-Sponsors

Breaking Down the Borders 5 features 13 simulcasts of live events taking place in venues around the world. These events are organized by our international co-sponsors. If you are in the area of one of these events and would like to attend in person, please contact the local co-sponsor for registration and other information.

Turkey: Ilhan Astrology Institute.  BDTB Speakers: Baris Ilhan, Michael Lutin and Ehsan Khazeni

Singapore: The Selfastrology Academy. BDTB Speakers: May Sim

Mexico: Astromexico-NCGR. BDTB Speakers: Monica Escalante-Ochoa and Maru Dieguez

New Zealand: Astrology Foundation Incorporated. BDTB Speakers: Kathryn Tutill

Poland: Warsaw School of Astrology. BDTB Speakers: Izabela Podlaska-Konkel

Poland: Astrology Association Poland. BDTB Speakers: Miłosława Krogulska

Australia: FAAWA. BDTB Speakers: Jeanette Lewis-Hill

Portugal: Team Spica. BDTB Speakers: Luís Resina

Russia: Academy of Global Astrology and Metainformation. BDTB Speakers: Karine Dilanyan and Boris Boiko